social media influence

Currently, in this era of social networks that we are living in, it is an arduous task for a criminal lawyer to defend the presumption of innocence of his client until it is proven otherwise.

The influence of Social Networks

That’s right, social networks when dealing with concepts such as “presumption of innocence”, or “reasonable doubt”, fleeing and avoiding all legal rigor, project the accusing focus on a certain person strong >. In irrefutable terms, some media outlets are not fair to people accused of crimes. The media, as a rule, focus primarily on the sensational nature of the crime. And in doing so, they are truly not fair, objective, or impartial regarding the issue they are dealing with. The more disturbing and creepy the message that is sent to the world, the more it reaches.

Unfortunately, these posts published on the internet, in spaces such as blogs or social networks in the worst case scenario goes viral and our client is publicly exhibited and is exposed to the animosity, hatred and public derision.

The media have always expressed their opinion on criminal proceedings, the difference is that currently, social networks act with a multiplier effect so if someone interestedly points out a certain person, the vile effect parallel judgment spreads across networks.

Indeed, social networks not only originate sources of information but also create opinion . The problem, in my opinion, is that in the face of a fact, which has not yet been tried, the networks themselves can generate an opinion contrary to the rights of the person who is being the subject of criminal proceedings.

In line with what has been stated, let us not forget that a person, regardless of whether he is accused or not, has the right to the presumption of innocence, privacy, honor and his own image , which is shocking, sometimes, with what is published on social networks, which encourages parallel judgment.

The universalization of the use of social networks generates that more and more users not only inform themselves through them but also sometimes aspire to create opinion in criminal proceedings.

Within this framework, the influence of social networks shows a considerable increase in the harmful effects of the parallel trial in terms of honor, privacy or the self-image of people linked to the criminal process.

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