With the aim of producing exceptional value for our clients, we organize our legal capacities according to the jurisdictional order, that is, civil, criminal, contentious, administrative or social, each with its own area and the appropriate personnel.

What capabilities does the firm have?

Due to our size and structure, our clients benefit from having direct contact with the partner or senior professional responsible for the required services. In our office you will have lawyers with solid training and experience in complex matters.

On the other hand, the range of services offered by our firm is not a watertight compartment, that is, our range of services can be intertwined in a natural way, which inspires us to work in different disciplines or practice areas and, on occasions, We also work and advise in other countries, offering creative solutions to exceptional problems.

What experience do lawyers have?

The defense of clients involved in criminal proceedings is the cornerstone of Guerra Bermúdez Abogados. Defense work covers a wide spectrum. Our team has extensive experience in Courts and Tribunals. Our team of lawyers specialized in Criminal Law are trained to deal with solvency in the most complicated and difficult situations, whether it is before Investigative Courts, Provincial Court, National Court, Supreme Court, Constitutional Court or even before the European Court of Human Rights .

In our firm we are proud to have created a solid team of lawyers that allows us to provide our clients with a service of the highest quality.

What can I do if I have a legal problem?

Contact us as soon as the problem arises. This is a crucial step, in our firm we have lawyers with proven experience, which allows us to offer a high degree of specialization.

Our commitment is undeniable in the defense of the interests of our clients in different parts of Spain, either from the part of the “Private Accusation”, I mean complainants, injured parties and defendants as from the part of the «Defense», that is, denounced, detained, indicted and investigated, treating with special care and sensitivity a matter as sensitive as criminal law.

Guerra Bermúdez Abogados , is a law firm that has professionals with proven experience in different branches of law, capable of offering answers to the different legal problems that may arise.

CONSULT US , and an expert lawyer in Criminal Law will assist you in our offices in Madrid. Or call us at 91 308 86 41 .