Although it may seem obvious, the first thing you have to do is contact a criminal law attorney if you are suspected of having committed a crime.

          What do I do if I receive a police or court summons?

          If the Police or the Civil Guard have not detained you, it is likely that you will be summoned to testify in court. On the other hand, it is also possible that it is the Court itself that sends the summons directly.

          What is the purpose of the subpoena?

          The purpose of the summons is for the person to appear in court to continue the Criminal Procedure. At this point, it is vitally important to have the content of the accusation available as soon as possible, for this you must contact a criminal lawyer to be present in the procedure and to be informed of the content of the facts, in this way you can prepare properly the appearance before the Court.

          What types of crimes can be investigated?

          A court, depending on the severity, may be immersed in the investigation of the following crimes:

i) Minor offenses.

ii) Crimes that give rise to an Abbreviated Procedure.

iii) Crimes that give rise to an Ordinary Procedure.

          What rights do I have as investigated?

         i) Right to be informed of the facts attributed to me, as well as of any relevant change in the object of the investigation and the alleged facts. This information will be provided with sufficient detail to allow the effective exercise of the right of defense.

          ii) Right to examine the proceedings in advance to safeguard the right of defense.

          iii) Right to act in criminal proceedings to exercise our right of defense in accordance with the provisions of the law.

         iv) Right to freely appoint a lawyer.

          v) Right to request free legal assistance.

          vi) Right to free translation and interpretation.

          vii) The right to remain silent and not to make a statement if we do not wish to do so, and not to answer any or some of the questions that are asked of us.

          viii) The right not to testify against oneself and not to confess guilt.

          What can a criminal law attorney do for me?

          If you have been charged with a crime or if you have been arrested, it is essential to be aware and keep in mind that your freedom and your assets are at stake, therefore, you need a trusted lawyer in those difficult times who will watch over your rights.

          Why is it essential and necessary to hire an expert lawyer in Criminal Law?

          One of the most difficult and delicate moments that a person may have to face in her life is being accused of a crime. In situations like these, it is normal to have questions, misgivings, anxieties and not knowing how to act. In situations like this, only an experienced criminal law lawyer can help you, and will explain what you are facing and decide what is the best defense route.

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