Whether we are facing a crime against public health, money laundering, unfair administration, crime of damages or any other charge, you need an experienced criminal lawyer to help you fight your case. The problem arises with the countless number of lawyers in Spain. That’s right, it can be difficult to find the right attorney for you. A person will wonder which lawyer can I trust to handle my case?

We are aware of the difficulty of selecting a lawyer, so we think that the following tips will help you make the best decision when choosing the best lawyer to defend your interests:

Tips for defense:

1º Although it seems obvious, choose a lawyer who is passionate about the law . You are not looking for an attorney who simply files briefs and goes to Court. Look for lawyers who love their work. Find an attorney who will listen to you, show interest in your case, and ultimately fight for you .

2nd Pay attention to the experience, but keep in mind that not all experiences are the same. Let me explain, years of experience in labor law or administrative law do not equal experience in Criminal Courts, Provincial Court, National Court or Supreme Court, defending the interests of people investigated or accused on charges similar to yours. Therefore, look for a lawyer with expertise in the matter you are being investigated or accused of

3rd Trust your intuition . How does your future lawyer make you feel? Our advice is that if your attorney makes you uncomfortable or pressures you to make a decision, choose another attorney.

4th Exercising a good defense is not an easy task. Preparing defense strategies is not easy, a lawyer has to work as a team, we are not dealing with a single person job. Indeed, your attorney will be connected with others as they study and defend your case. Ask what other people are also involved in your defense.

5th Look for confidence, not arrogance . That’s right, an attorney cannot guarantee a certain outcome for your case. Therefore, select an attorney who will build a strong case through planning and study; rule out attorneys who promise results they can’t guarantee .

6th Consult references. An experienced lawyer will have a solid reputation. Ask clients of the firm.

7º After consulting the references, it is time to find out how much it is going to cost. In effect, a skilled attorney will have higher fees than a novice attorney , however, if your attorney’s fees are much higher or lower than other similarly qualified candidates, you should ask why.

8th Find a lawyer who makes himself understood and that you can understand . Lawyers use legal terminology, sometimes difficult to understand, however, when we speak with you we must do so clearly, using terms that you understand and solving your doubts with crystal clear language.

9th Find a lawyer to explain the different options . From a possible compliance to the risks of going to court. Keep in mind that every decision you make can have lasting consequences, and you need information to make an informed decision.

10th Last but not least, look for an experienced court attorney .

As a final conclusion, keep in mind that facing criminal proceedings is not the same as appealing a traffic ticket. You need an experienced criminal attorney who has a passion for the law and the ability to get results. Don’t trust your case to just anyone. Take your time and find the attorney that meets your needs.

For all this, from Guerra Bermúdez Abogados, as an office specialized in Criminal Law we can advise and accompany you in any situation that arises anywhere in Spain.

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