criminal lawyer

If you or someone close to you has ever been accused of a crime, you will have had the opportunity to see how important it is to have a good criminal lawyer, with training and experience, who brings passion and is involved with people, with the firm intention of defending their Rights.

Yes, if we are investigated or accused of having been involved in a crime, we are faced with a very delicate situation due to what it may entail: imprisonment, criminal record, etc., which may imply a reduction in job opportunities in the future.

Indeed, a good criminal lawyer is aware that his client’s life can change significantly. Normally in all criminal proceedings there is a lot of evidence against the accused person. However, although this may seem overwhelming and distressing, the lawyer must study and analyze each part of the case separately and determine where the big and small battles are located. In fact, every little battle won is a part of the case won, making the bigger goal closer to hand.

Advice from a criminal lawyer

Regardless of whether a person decides to acknowledge the facts, and shows his agreement with the sentence, either in an abbreviated procedure or in a speedy trial, having the advice of a criminal lawyer can change form the final result considerable.

On the other hand, there is no criminal case exactly the same as another, therefore a criminal lawyer must know how to dissect the different parts of each case that make them unique.

Defend the interests of clients in the Investigative Courts, Criminal Courts, Provincial Court, National Court, Supreme Court, Constitutional Court or European Court of Human Rights, without hesitation and with the firm objective of obtaining the best possible results. it must be the goal of a good criminal lawyer.

A good criminal lawyer should thoroughly investigate the case to discover any sources of defense, identify evidence, and meet witnesses that may be relevant to the matter. You should also help your client understand the criminal process with its different stages.

In the framework of the statements, criminal defense is at the heart of Guerra Bermúdez Abogados , proof of this is the firm’s own team in which academic excellence, experience in courts and full dedication converge, which makes the attorneys at our firm a powerful and formidable defense team from which our clients benefit.

Our team of expert lawyers is available to our clients, we answer calls, attend to their concerns and questions and keep them informed about the evolution of the process

For all this, from Guerra Bermúdez Abogados , as a firm specialized in Criminal Law we can advise and accompany you in any situation that is raised anywhere in Spain.

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