At Guerra Bermúdez Abogados we provide comprehensive advice in Criminal Law with the international experience of our team of lawyers. Our lawyers have the «European Lawyer Card» that allows us to identify the status of lawyer in another Member State of the European Union, so that we can access courts and prisons. “ In accordance with European legislation on freedom of establishment and freedom to provide services by lawyers” .

Being involved in a criminal matter in our country can be a shocking and frightening experience for a foreign citizen and it is essential to have the proper defense if we have to go to the Spanish courts or tribunals.

Having a good defense implies having highly qualified lawyers that allow them to adequately deal with criminal matters, characterized most of the time by a special complexity.

Criminal Law, in its different areas of practice, is characterized by its complexity, therefore, it is necessary to have lawyers who know how to create adequate and personalized strategies.

A person who is immersed in a criminal process cannot be confused, the consequences can be very serious . Whether it is a minor, less serious or serious crime, its defense must be carried out from an international point of view, that is, taking into account not only Spanish jurisprudence but also that emanating from the Court of Justice of the European Union and that of the European Court of Human Rights.

If there is an international arrest warrant against you, be it a Euro order or an extradition, at Guerra Bermúdez Abogados we can help you. Our team of lawyers specializing in extraditions will be at your disposal and will offer you the best defense .

The reasons that give rise to an extradition, whether active or passive, are mainly determined by the existence of “Extradition Treaties” or the “European arrest and surrender order”, therefore it is essential to have lawyers who know these procedures in detail .

For all this, from Guerra Bermúdez Abogados, as a firm specialized in Criminal Law, we can advise and accompany you in any situation that arises anywhere in Spain.

CONSULT US , and an expert lawyer in Criminal Law will assist you in our offices in Madrid. Or call us at 91 308 86 41 .