The year 2020 has turned out to be an unfortunate year in the field of health with serious repercussions in the workplace, the Covid-19 appeared in our lives without us in many aspects being aware of the consequences that it would bring us both at the health and health level. society level.

Focusing on the workplace, Covid-19 has had serious consequences for both workers and companies, with small companies and the self-employed largely suffering the consequences. The former due to their limited capacity to be able to react and maintain jobs and the latter due to being one of the weakest links in the business fabric in our country.

Measures taken

From the outset, both the central and regional governments approved a series of civil, commercial, fiscal and labor measures in order to mitigate the negative consequences that the health crisis has brought.

Outlining the approved civil measures, we can mention, among others, those related to the moratorium on mortgage debts or other types of debts, with evictions, or with the leases of both houses and premises for the self-employed and SMEs, as well as another type of measures that we will develop in different articles.

From a commercial point of view, the measures that were approved are related to corporate law and for companies in bankruptcy, measures in relation to consumers and the tourism sector, as well as bankruptcy measures.

Speaking of measures of a fiscal nature, we can name the suspension of tax periods as well as the postponement of the payment of tax debts and different fiscal, tax and financial measures approved in Royal Decree-Law 11/2020 of March 31, the 15 / 2020 of April 21 and 19/2020 of May 26.

Approved measures in the workplace

If we focus on the labor aspect, Royal Decree-laws were approved in order to facilitate ERTES both due to force majeure and partial due to Covid-19, benefits were approved for the cessation of activity for freelancers, facilities for the adaptation of the working day and for the reduction of the working day of workers in certain circumstances, approval of the adaptation of the period of sick leave by Covid-19, exceptionally, to a situation assimilated to a work accident, exclusively for the economic benefit of temporary disability of the Social Security system, for those periods of isolation or contagion of workers caused by the COVID-19 virus, approval of the protection of discontinuous permanent workers, other fundamental aspects have been the promotion of teleworking or remote work, as well as the exemption and postponement in the payment of Social Security contributions, all related to the Cov id-19.

In our office, at this time, we want to go one step further and we want to explore comprehensive advice that allows both natural and legal persons to weather the storm that COVID 19 has caused.


  We are facing a matter of considerable magnitude and in this article we have made an outline that will provide us with a first approach to this issue. However, the team of lawyers at Guerra Bermúdez Abogados are at your disposal to solve both labor issues related to Covid-19 and those not related to it and that are the day-to-day of the workplace.