the coronavirus.

That’s right, from a legal point of view, the Guerra Bermúdez Abogados team is working so that both individuals and companies can have effective solutions , that mitigate, lessen or even cancel the supervening circumstances generated by the coronavirus.

– ERTES, ERES and tender declaration

We face different types of problems, all with different answers, we help companies in ERTES and ERES procedures, as well as in the tender application and declaration procedures .

– Payment of debts

We offer answers to the inability to pay debts . Indeed, a significant number of debtors cannot afford to pay their debts. At Guerra Bermudez Abogados we provide personalized attention and value the different legal options that we have at our disposal.

Similarly, contractual breaches are on the rise due to the impossibility of contracting parties to comply with their obligations, already in the month of April, in the Webinar of the University a Distance from Madrid we analyzed the “rebus sic stantibus” clause and offered possible alternatives to breach of contract.

– Financial sector

There is no doubt that the financial sector has been one of those that has suffered the most from the effects of COVID 19. That is why We offer comprehensive advice to all those who have suffered losses in their investments, especially investors without the appropriate profile for the acquisition of certain products such as CFD ‘, or ETF’s.

– Health personnel affected

Likewise, we get involved and make ourselves available to healthcare personnel who have been infected due to lack of means or resources . At Guerra Bermúdez Abogados we offer you advice on possible liability of the public administration.

At Guerra Bermúdez Abogados we have specialists in Civil Law, Labor Law and Commercial Law who can help you if you need help, you can contact us by filling out our contact form or by calling 91 308 86 41